„Der Seniorenwohnpark bietet als behagliches Zuhause einen hohen Wohnkomfort, professionelle Pflege und engagierte Betreuung mit vielfältigen Angeboten.“ 
W. Weber, Leiter SENIORENWOHNPARK Duingen

Work as nurse or geriatric nurse

Thanks to the excellent living conditions in Germany, a considerable proportion of the population enjoys good health well into old age. However, with increasing life expectancy and an aging society, combined with the decreasing number of young people beginning their professional career, the demand for professional nursing as well as basic medical care is rising. Germany does have a stable healthcare system; nevertheless, nursing professionals remain to be in high demand and their contribution is more important than ever. Hospitals, nursing homes and other care facilities are always on the lookout for nursing personnel with various levels of qualification in order to meet the increasing demand in the healthcare and nursing professions. This demand is predicted to increase in the following years. Would you like to become part of Germany’s healthcare system? Here you can find out how to start your future-proof career in the healthcare sector!

The "Seniorenwohnpark" or where do I work?

Our “Seniorenwohnpark” belongs to a small family group of 3 nursing homes in the Hildesheim and Hanover region. In the villages of Schellerten, Giesen and Duingen we offer a comprehensive range of services for the elderly. In addition to rooms in old people's homes, these are also small apartments that have been specially built for the needs of the elderly. The Seniorenwohnpark group offers many future-proof and crisis-proof jobs. Over 300 employees look after our residents around the clock and live the “Seniorenwohnpark” philosophy - "from person to person".

Each of our 3 facilities has a unique style that reflects the specifics of each location. One thing is common to all

Family atmosphere, a modern working environment and high quality standards. We document our services, for example, with modern software.

In the Seniorenwohnpark, we offer a comfortable size of 84 rooms, divided into small, manageable living groups, and senior citizens a cozy one At home.

Our employees look forward to welcoming you to the Seniorenwohnpark team soon.

Your tasks in the geriatric nursing field

As a nurse, you will take care of people and support them in every phase of their life. In the seniorenwohnpark you can work as nurse or geriatric nurse in the care of the elderly.

Your tasks in the nursing field will include independent observation, guidance, support and care of patients, both inpatient and outpatient treatment. Additionally, you may also document and evaluate nursing measures, as well as carry out medical instructions and assist with medical interventions. However, that will depend on your individual specialisation and qualification. While being a member of nursing staff, you are a competent contact person for members of the patient’s family.

Entry requirements for international nursing professionals

Those wishing to work in the nursing profession in Germany on a long-term basis require official authorisation to practise their profession. As a rule, the following formal requirements must be met in order to be permitted to work in the nursing profession in Germany:

• Recognised qualification: The nursing qualification obtained in your country of origin must be recognised in Germany. The competent authority for your case will check whether your professional qualification is equivalent to German qualifications. If this is not the case, you could take an assessment test or go through an adaptation period to prove an equivalent level of knowledge. The application for professional recognition can be submitted to the competent authority in the state in which you intend to work in. The German professional recognition obtained is valid nationwide.

• Sufficient knowledge of the German language: Depending on the state, you will have to be competent on a level equivalent to the B2 or B1 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

• Medical fitness: You must prove – through certification by a German doctor – that you are physically and mentally healthy and are therefore suitable for a job in the nursing profession.

• Personal suitability/Trustworthiness: In order to prove your trustworthiness, you will require proof that you do not have a criminal record. Depending on your situation, providing a certificate of good conduct from your country of origin or a German certificate of conduct (Führungszeugnis) is sufficient.

The decisive factor for the recognition of your qualification is not your nationality, but the place your qualification was obtained in. You can find more information on the topic of recognition, examinations, adaption periods and the competent German authorities responsible on the "Recognition in Germany" portal (available in multiple languages).

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Do I need a visa?

As a citizen of the European Union, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway or Switzerland, you require neither a visa nor a residence permit to work in Germany. Citizens of other countries on the other hand require a residence permit. You can find out more about the work visa for qualified professionals in the "Visa" section.

Did you apply for recognition of your professional qualification and the certification authority in Germany has determined that you are missing certain qualifications to obtain full recognition? Then you can find out whether the visa for the recognition of foreign qualifications is an option for you.


Under certain conditions, you may also enter Germany for 6 months after completing your professional training to look for a job. You can find more information in the "Visa for jobseekers" section.

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✔ Start the recognition process: In our "Recognition" section, you can find more information on the recognition of foreign qualifications.


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